Sauna World

Detoxification, immune deficiency, stress reduction – just a few from the beneficial effects of saunas.

Steam cabin: the classical detoxifications tool.

Infra Sauna: the gentle detoxifications tool.

Finnish Sauna:

  1. Normal: 70-90 Celsius degree sauna, for the traditional sauna lovers.
  2. Extra hot: 100-110 Celsius degree, “devil” sauna, for the professional sauna goers.

Sauna séances – upon request

Ice Well

Tepidarium with a fireplace

Plunge Tub with 8 Celsius degree water

Salt Chamber with ventilation of atomized salt: recommended to almost everyone as it has very positive impact on respiratory diseases, healthy people also make good use of it thru increasing stamina.

“Scottish Shower”: refreshing circulation, tightening your skin.