It’s not easy to choose… but there is no bad decision here!

Our à la carte menu offers light, fresh and sporty meals in special presentation.

Exciting blend of flavors await you every day.

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À La Carte Menu


Buffalo mozzarella, tomato, pesto, toast with garlic
HUF 1 150

Mixed salad with yogurt, grilled chicken breast
HUF 1.150

Roasted vegetable salad, pickled crawfish tails
HUF 1 350


Rich broth
HUF 690

Italian tomato soup, pesto
HUF 590


Gnocchi, gorgonzola, roasted pear, walnut, ruccola
HUF 1 800

Grilled goat cheese, mixed salad with pumpkin seed
HUF 1 800

Rose duck breast, cabbage with apple and cranberry, potato dumpling
HUF 2 950

Salmon waist steak, creamy spinach, gratein potato
HUF 3 450

Rib Eye steak, seasoned potato, mixed salad
HUF 3 450


Hot chocolate soufflé, forest fruit compote
HUF 790

Fruit rice, crunchy muesli
HUF 790

Above rates include the VAT and the service charge.

Chef: István Bodnár

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