Where is Telki located? Telki is in the Western agglomeration of Budapest, 21 km away from the city center, 9 km West from Budakeszi, on the verge of the Zsámbék-basin. 250 meter above sea level, at the feet of Nagy-Kopasz hill („Big Bald”), Telki is blessed with nature, surrounded by forest from the East and North, plow from the West and South. Telki has crystal clear air, its environment is scenic as high traffic roads avoid it while the wood and hills separate it from the busy capital.

From Buda, Telki can be reached the easiest thru Budakeszi, Biatorbágy and Páty.

From Buda city center, Széna square, it takes 35 minutes by bus (#789, #794 and #795) to get here, while only 20 minutes by car. From North Buda the bus ride takes about 45 minutes (#778 from Kelenföld).

From Telki 3 neighboring towns can be reached: Budajenő to the West, Páty to the South (5 km) and Budakeszi at 9 km, towards Budapest direction.

Apart of this, walk 5 km to the North, thru the woods to reach Nagykovácsi.

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Address: H-2089 Telki, Szajkó utca 39.

Phone: +36 26 814 900, Mobile: +36 30 774 2553

Wellness Center Phone: +36 26 814 926, +36 30 722 7080


GPS: 47°32'32.0"N 18°49'48.6"E